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We meet requirements of the HACCP system by:


  • suitable plant location in clean environment, away from urban toxins, waste and chemicals


  • employing qualified and trained personnel


  • sourcing only the highest quality of meat


  • implementing high QA/QC standards through-out every production phase (purchasing, transport, production, storage, transport, sales)


  • securing sterile work conditions and exceeding hygiene standards

Zalety nr 2

Mięso to jest oddzielane od szpilek ręcznie, bez naruszenia struktury mięśni. Może mieć ono wiele zastosowań kulinarnych jak również służyć jako surowiec do produkcji wędlin.

Zaleta nr 3

Nadaje się idealnie dla osób uprawiających sport. Wartość energetyczna stu gram indyczego podudzia to około 100 kcal.



Customers’ satisfaction is our paramount goal. As it is the highest quality of poultry meat that matters to our clients the most, we in Wars-Pol make therefore every effort to ensure that our final product meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Wars-Pol has always maintained the highest quality and cleanness standards. Its staff has gone through number of trainings to ensure that such standards are met. In 2004 and 2005 the HACCP certificate has been awarded to Wars-Pol, to recognize its efforts.

2004  2005

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