Smakuj jakość z WARS-POL.
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Jakość i solidność, stanowi fundament i trwałe oparcie dla dobrego smaku.

This is what we do.

Our company has been in operation since July 2003. We are specialists in boning poultry, specifically turkey elements with bone such as drumstick, thigh, and wing. This process includes skinning, deboning, and tendon removal. Through our work, we supply high-quality raw material for further processing in the meat industry.

Upon customer request, we also perform boning of other poultry elements, such as turkey or chicken ham. Our products reach meat processing plants and wholesalers throughout Poland and abroad.

The key aspect of our activity is the boning of turkey elements, resulting in products like:

  • Drumstick with skin and spurs, but boneless,
  • Drumstick without skin, bone, and spurs,
  • Drumstick without skin, bone, spurs, and membrane - called schnitzel,
  • Wing without skin and bone,
  • Ham without skin and bone,
  • Other poultry elements, such as chicken - executed on demand.

All the raw materials we use come from reputable poultry slaughterhouses, which are qualified to trade in the European Union markets and are under constant supervision by veterinary services. All our actions are carried out in strict accordance with the rigorous requirements of the HACCP system.

Using manual processing, which does not damage the meat structure, as well as carrying out comprehensive control of the production process, we guarantee that our products are of the highest quality raw material. They serve as an excellent material for the production of cold cuts in the largest meat processing plants in the country and the European Union. Unlike mechanically boned meat, such as Bader for example, our meat not only looks better but most importantly, tastes better.

Wars-Pol from the inside

 We invite you to our impressive facility that spans over two hectares of space. Our modern production and social facilities encompass nearly 1,000 m2, with air conditioning ensuring optimal working conditions. Quality is our priority, hence both our purchased components and finished products are stored in specially designed refrigeration-freezing rooms. These rooms, with a total area of over 600 m2, guarantee the highest standard of our product quality. In addition, we have a large warehouse facility, where we store packaging, pallets, and internal transport equipment. These facilities, with a total area of over 1,200 m2, help us to ensure smooth and efficient logistics processes. Our facility represents a great opportunity for investors and potential clients who are seeking a business partner with a solid infrastructure and unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality.

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